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Enlightened Riding Resources

    “Enlightened Riding” -- The book
  A holistic approach to riding by:
Barbi Breen Gurley --USEF "S" Dressage Judge, USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medallist, BHSIA Instructor, FEI Trainer, & Clinician
Janet Emmons MS --author, and therapist specializing in sports psychology

" Enlightened Riding, Dressage as Development for Horse & Rider", presents a comprehensive view of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of dressage for horse and rider. Topics include improving the horse and rider relationship, selecting a trainer, enhancing position, stretching for suppleness, understanding the nature of the aids, developing better gaits, showing successfully, and exploring the connection between dressage and life.

Barbi Breen Gurley is a licensed "S" Dressage Judge, FEI rider, trainer, instructor, and owner of Sea Horse Ranch in Los Osos California. She brings an in-depth knowledge of the physical and mental aspects of dressage to this book.

Janet, a marriage & family counselor, who specializes in sports psychology, extends the scope of the book to include a deeper understanding of the emotional and spiritual aspects of dressage. Although many of these ideas are timeless, their vision is unique. They evoke the sense of harmony and beauty that provides the philosophical context for this journey.

Paula Zima, the illustrator, whose mission is "to create delightful art for the world to enjoy", brings her contribution to the pages of the book as well. Her drawings bring life and lightness to the concepts addressed throughout the book.

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“Enlightened Riding” -- Guided Imagery for riders on CD


The Pyramid Effect -- This CD is designed to heighten and integrate physical strength and suppleness, mental clarity and focus, emotional calm and steadiness, and spiritual vitality and connection. Repeated listening will reinforce your gains, helping you ride more effectively.

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The Shield of Courage -- The CD designed for all equestrians, this inner journey takes you through a powerful ceremony to create and internalize your own shield of courage. Repeated listening will help you feel assertive sit deeply,, engage your power center, and face feared situations wisely, quickly, and boldly.

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Vision Quest -- A CD designed for all equestrians, this takes you on an inner journey to overcome obstacles, and develop the motivation and persistence to achieve your equestrian dreams. Repeated listening will inspire you to stay on course.

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Stellar Showing -- This CD takes you on an inner journey, where you imagine yourself competing like the rider you most admire. It will help you overcome performance anxiety, allowing you to show in a relaxed, focused energetic state. Now you can practice in your mental dressage arena for upcoming events.

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Healing the Loss -- A CD designed for all equestrians, this holistic imagery takes you on a journey through your grief to a place where past, present, and future cease to exist. Here in the treasure chest of your heart, you can reunite with your beloved equine companion and find tears of sorrow, relief, and joy.

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