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" Speaking as a rider, teacher and trainer, I was delighted to read "Enlightened Riding". Much has been written about the technical execution of movements. Barbi's book offers us a broader perspective. It expands the reader's awareness of the unseen, inner aspects of the rider's thoughts and feelings, which impact both the horse and the rider. The many stories and quotes throughout the book provided by Barbi's students as well as her own personal experiences, show that Barbi both teaches and lives this approach to riding. The many insights and practical tools presented here are useful not only in our riding, but in life as well. I recommend this book for any riders who want to create greater pleasure and harmony for themselves and their horses, both in riding and living."
— Reiner Klimke
many time Olympic Gold Medallist and author

“Guided Imagery", a form of mental practice, is an excellent method to increase your effectiveness as a rider."
—Hilda Gurney
Olympic Rider & International Judge


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