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“I was delighted to read Enlightened Riding...I recommend this book for any riders who want to create greater pleasure and harmony for themselves and their horses, both in riding and living.”
— Reiner Klimke
Winner of six gold and
two bronze Olympic medals in dressage, and author

“Barbi...understands the need to blend the fundamentals of classic dressage with modern techniques required to complete the training of today’s sport horses. As an author she succeeds in making the theory and practice of horsemanship accessible
to all readers, from the casual to the experience professional.”
—Linda Tellington-Jones
Founder of Tellington Touch, internationally known author


Enlightened Riding is a comprehensive approach to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of horse and rider.

The techniques, taught by renowned experts Barbi Breen-Gurley and Janet Emmons, MS, promote the spiritual connection between you and your horse. Developed in the classical dressage discipline, this rewarding holostic method provides all horse lovers, Western or English, with a deeper understanding that will dramatically increase your effectiveness with your horse.

Although many of the ideas are timeless, Enlightened Riding’s vision is unique as it explores the inter-play between the dimensions of horse and rider while giving practical methods for overcoming blocks to riding development. You will discover the lessons of Enlightened Riding will evoke the sense of harmony and beauty that provides the philosophical context for a personal journey toward excellence.

As you explore the methods taught, you will grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually and gain a deeper appreciation of how the pursuit of this approach can contribute to your personal development and benefit your equestrian partner.

Enlightened Riding is taught in workshops and seminars throughout the United States, and at Barbi Breen-Gurley’s Sea Horse Ranch, overlooking Morro Bay, on the lovely Coast of California. You can get started immediately through the book Enlightened Riding and with guided imagery CDs which are available on this site, as well as a list of upcoming events.

We welcome you to a world of utter amazement for you and your horse.